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Golden Spike Story

Ostrava Golden Spike (in Czech: Zlatá tretra Ostrava) is the most important meeting on the Czech soil and one of the oldest athletic competitions in Europe. There are the best world athletes taking part who are exclusively invited by the organisers. The selection is very strict.


World Athletics Continental Tour Gold

It was held for the first time in 1961. Since 2019, it has been a part of the new elite world athletics series under the name World Athletics Continental Tour – Gold. It is the second highest world competition just behind the Diamond League. In the 200m, 300m Steeplechase, discus throw and triple jump, it is even the highest competition. Only ten cities in the world are a part of the series.


List of the World Athletics Continental Tour – Gold meetings:


Name of the meeting Place
Nairobi Athletics Meeting Nairobi Kenya
Seiko Golden Grand Prix 2020 Tokyo Tokio Japan
Nanjing Continental Tour Meeting  Nanking China
Ostrava Golden Spike Ostrava Czech Republic
FBK Games Hengelo Nederland
Paavo Nurmi Game Turku Finland
Racers Adidas Grand Prix Kingston Jamaica
Gyulai István Memorial   Székesfehérvár Hungary
Kamila Skolimowska Memorial Chorzów Poland
Memorial Borisa Hanzekovica Zagreb Croatia


Golden Spike – part of the World Athletics Heritage

The international athletics association - World Athletics has awarded Ostrava Golden Spike a plaque in 2019 - World Athletics Heritage. It is a prestigious award which reminds, celebrates and connects the iconic personalities, performances, places and events of the 3000 years of athletics history. The plaque has been given for an exceptional contribution to the history and development of the world athletics.


Development of the name and position of Ostrava Golden Spike within the system of world events

2001—2002: EA Meeting

2003—2005: IAAF Super Grand Prix Meeting

2006—2009: IAAF World Athletics Tour Meeting

2010—2019: IAAF World Challenge Meeting

2020— .... : World Athletics Continental Tour – Gold Meeting

Ostrava Golden Spike is famous for its unique atmosphere and fans that fill up the stands of the Ostrava – Vítkovice city stadium. It was right here when the event was held for the first time in 1961, and, since then, except 1999, every year.

In the meeting history, almost all athletic megastars have been introduced here – fantastic Cuban 800m runner Alberto Juantorena, Polish sprinter Irena Szewinská, phenomenal middle distance runner of Mozambique Maria Mutola, invincible Kenyan Dane Wilson Kipketer, amazing Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj, fans´ favourite Dayron Robles, and primarily Usain Bolt. And of course, the Czechoslovak and Czech stars starting from Emil Zátopek, Ludvík Daněk, to Taťána Netoličková, Jarmila Kratochvílová, Helena Fibingerová, Jan Železný and many many more. “Ostrava Golden Spike is an unforgettable meeting thanks to great fans, where every athlete must compete very well,” agree all the athletes who were honoured to compete at the Ostrava city stadium.



History of the meeting, which is nowadays called Golden Spike Ostrava, started in 1961. At that time, there was maybe nobody to expect it to become the Czech athletics phenomenon. In the first year of the international running competition VZKG , the race was held still on the cinder track and welcomed the athletes from Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union and Hungary. And already at that time, the major result has been performed. In the middle of September, which is almost in the end of the main athletic season, it was performed by Ludmila Lysenko with 2:08th1 at the non-traditional running event 880 yards.

The rehearsal of the Ostrava meeting on the artificial surface was organised ten years later within the second year of the Golden Spike of Europe. Since 1970, it was not only the name of the athletic competitions but also it was the name of the popular trophy awarded annually to the best European athlete of the year, which was selected by the athletic experts in the poll for the next two decades (since 1968).

The first real “golden” years of the Spike were the seventies and eighties. And it was mostly thanks to the sprinters. One year before the Olympics in Montreal, in the times on the hand time clocking, the Cuban Silvio Leonard equalled the world maximum of that era in Ostrava at the 100m men. Before that, Renate Stecher of NDR ran the shortest sprint in 10.9 sec. Also her compatriot, who is still the valid world record holder at 400m, Marita Koch also performed in Ostrava together with the Czechoslovak elite athletes led by Jarmila Kratochvílová, Taťána Kocembová, Helena Fibingerová and many others.

At least for the last two named above the meeting had the atmosphere of the home competition. “Already one week before every Spike, I felt some kind of freezing in my body. And, when I was coming to the stadium on the day of the competition, and when I saw the crowds, I got into the trans,” admits even after the years the princess of the 400m Kocembová, now Netoličková.

But Golden Spike did not have only the golden days. With the fall of the iron curtain, also the fame of the meeting, which was attended by the athletes from 25 countries in 1978, started to deteriorate. Even before the Velvet revolution, Spike went down to the “third league”, and the organisers had big troubles to keep the meeting alive. The effort has paid off, despite the fact that the meeting tradition was aborted in 1999. Spike started its way back to the spotlight. It definitely belongs there.

From the shy attempts, through the hard times, the star was born. The eternal star of the top athletic world events. Nothing would be possible without the determinate people. Starting from the Vítkovice establisher Vlastimil Vacula, Jan Pekař, Jan Keble, who also used to be the meeting director for 33 years, through Jan Slanina, who led the meeting to the top, up to the renowned agencies and managers, who, since 2002, look for the partners and cover the economy of the starts for the world athletic stars. They safely keep the event on the top level.


World records

List of the records can be found here here >


Meeting Records

List of the meeting records to be found here >


Statistics and results

All-Time tables >

Results from 2000 >

Top 10 athletes of the ie 1967—1999

  • Jarmila Kratochvílová (800m world record holder from 1983 valid until today, silver from OG 1980, double 1983 world champion (400m - WR for the first time under  48sec and 800m)
  • Helena Fibingerová (world indoor record holder, 3x broke the WR outdoors, 1983 world champion, OG bronze medallist, 8x European indoor champion)
  • Táňa Kocembová (2x silver from 1983 world championships at 400m and 4x400m, European indoor champion (400m), European silver at 4x400m and bronze at 400m)
  • Jan Železný (5x javelin throw world record holder, his 98th48m is valid until today, 3x gold and 1x silver at Olympics, 3x gold, 2x bronze at WCh)
  • Alberto Juantorena Juantorena (Cuba, double Olympic champion OG 1976 at 400m and 800m, 2x world record breaker)
  • Ivan Pedroso (Cuba, long jumper, 2000 Olympic champion, 4x world championships gold medal in 1995-2001, 5x gold from world indoor championships 1993-2001)
  • Šárka Kašpárková (triple jumper, bronze from the OG 1996, gold from WCh in 1997, 3x silver at European championships and European indoor championships, 2x bronze from World indoor championships)
  • Silvio Leonard (Cuba, second world sprinter who broke the 10s barrier with the automatic time clocking, silver Olympic medallist at 100m in 1980)
  • Imrich Bugár (discus throw, Olympic silver in 1980, world gold in 1983, gold and bronze from European championships, 13x national champion CSSR 1978-1992 and 2x Czech champion 1993-1994)
  • Irena Szewinska (Poland, seven Olympic medals holder, 3x gold, she was the only person to become the world record holder over  100, 200 and 400m at the same time)


Top athletes of the present time 2000—2023

  • Usain Bolt (Jamaica, sprinter, best athlete of the last years, 8x Olympic gold, 11x World championships gold medal, 100m and 200m world record holder)
  • Asafa Powell (Jamaica, sprinter, Olympic winner, relay world champion, former world record holder, ran 97x sub 10s)
  • Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco, 2x Olympic gold -1500m and 5000m in 2004, world record holder at 1500m and mile)
  • Wayde Van Niekerk (RSA, world record holder, 1x Olympic gold, 1x 400m world championships gold)
  • Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia, 2x Olympic gold, 9x world championships gold in long distance running)
  • Armand Duplantis (SWE, pole vault, PB 622 cm - World Record, gold: Olympic Games 2021, MS 2022, HMS 2022, ME 2018 a 2022, HME 2021; silver: MS 2019)
  • Jakob Ingebrigtsen (NOR, 1500 m, PB 3:28.32 min., gold: Olympic Games 2021, MS 2022 (5000 m), ME 2018 a 2022 (1500 m and 5000 m), ME cros 2021 and 2022, HME 2019 (3000 m), 2021 (1500 m and 3000 m), 2023 (1500 m and 3000 m); silver: MS 2022, HMS 2022, HME 2019)
  • Denisa Rosolová (Czech Republic, 1x 400m European indoor gold medal, 1x European gold at 400m Hurdles)
  • Blanka Vlašič (Croatia, high jump, 2x world championships gold medal, 2x world indoor gold)
  • Anita Wlodarczyk (Poland, the best hammer thrower in the history, world record holder, 1x Olympic gold, 1x world championships gold, 1x European gold)
  • Dayron Robles (Cuba, former  110mH world record holder, 1x Olympic gold, 1x world indoor gold)
  • Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia, 3x Olympic gold, 16x world championships gold, world record holder at 5000m and 10 000m)


Year after year


1st year – 1961

Date: Sept. 17, 1961

Name: International running competition VŽKG (Czechoslovak, Soviet Union and Hungarian athletes on the start lists)

Number of visitors: 3,000

Weather: 22.0°C, sunny

The 880 yards world record ran by the Soviet athlete Lyudmila Lysenko with 2:08th1


2nd year – 1962

Date:  Aug. 28, 1962

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 17,2°C, sunny

Interesting results of the home athletes: 400m women - Libuše Králíčková 56th7s and 3000m men Miroslav Jurek 8:13.2


3rd year – 1963

Date: June 18, 1963

Name: International running competition VŽKG (the meeting was implemented into the IAAF calendar for the first time)

Visitors: 7,450

Weather: 170°C, rain shower

Interesting result of the French competitor Jean Wadoux at men´s 1500m 3:45th1


4th year – 1964

Date: Sept. 9, 1964

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 14.4°C

The biggest star of the event was the 800m Olympic medallist Josef Odložil: 3:45th1.


5th year – 1965

Date: Sept. 18, 1965

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 16.5°C, rainy

Visitors: first time over 10.000

At 800m women we saw the meeting record: Soviet athlete Tamara Dmitrijeva, great result at 3.000m men by the British competitor Fergusson Murray 8:06.8


6th year – 1966

Date: Sept. 15, 1966

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 15.6°C

Most important results: victory of Tunisian Mohamed Gamoudi at 5.000m men and Gaston Roelants of Belgium at 3.000m Steeplechase. 


7th year – 1967

Date: Sept. 21, 1967

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 16.1°C

The home star Josef Odložil crowned the day – he won at 1.500m with 3:44.0


8th year – 1968

Date: Sept. 19, 1968

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 13.4 °C, max. wind 12.0 m/s

No records broken. The home sprinters shined: 100m Hurdles women - Eva Kocmanová 13.8, and 200m men Ladislav Kříž 21.2


9th year – 1969

Date: July 9, 1969

Name: International running competition VŽKG

Weather: 13.6°C, max. wind 13.0 m/s, rain showers

Meeting record at 800m men by Josef Plachý – 1:46.2, great result by the Polish 100m Hurdles runner Tereza Nowak


10th year – 1970

Date: May 28, 1970

Name: Golden Spike of Europe (for the first time the name of the poll)

Weather: 11.6°C, max. head-wind 9.0 m/s

The sprinter Jitka Birnbaumová showed the good result – 200 m 23.8, and in women´s high jump it was the golden from the Olympic Games in Mexico Milena Hübnerová 185cm.


11th year – 1971

Date: May 27, 1971

Name: Golden Spike of Europe (for the first time the Golden Spike meeting on the artificial surface – on 26 May, the stadium was officially opened with the tartan surface)

Weather: 19.8°C, max. gusty wind 17.0 m/s, rain showers

The high quality stadium attracted the Olympic 100m winners: German Renate Stecher with 11.3 and the Soviet competitor Valeriy Borzov 10.2.


12th year – 1972

Date: June 1, 1972

Name: Golden Spike of Europe (Golden Spike became the top world athletic meeting – it was confirmed by the visit of the EAA president Adrien Paulen)

Weather: 13.1°C, max. head wind 9.0 m/s, rain showers

The fans in Ostrava were delighted especially by the results of the two world record holders and Olympic champions: Polish sprinter Irena Szewinska : 100 m 11.3 and the home discus thrower Ludvík Daněk 64.14m.


13th year – 1973

Date: June 7, 1973

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 12.4°C, max. strong wind 13,0 m/s, rain shower

Number of visitors: 11,350

The world record at Vítkovice stadium: German Renate Stecher 100 m 10.9, next great performances by Cuban José Matamaros 100m 10.2 and the shot putter from Vítkovice Helena Fibingerová 20.03m (for the first time over 20m).


14th year – 1974

Date: June 1, 1974

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 13.3°C, max. gusty wind 16.0 m/s, showering,
rain, thunderstorm

Tradition of great sprints continues: at 100m equalled world records by Polish Irena Szewinska 10.9 and Cuban Silvio Leonard 10.1 (both runs were affected by the illegal wind support), Helena Fibingerová of Vítkovice in the shot put for the first time in her career breaks the 21m barrier (21.03), the next world and Olympic champions performed in Ostrava: Soviet discus thrower Faina Melnikova and triple jumper Viktor Saneyev.


15th year – 1975

Date: June 5, 1975

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 10.9°C, max. gusty wind 15.0 m/s

The hero of the competition was again the Cuban sprinter Silvio Leonard, who managed to break the 100m world record again – this time under legal conditions with the time of 9.9s, in the women´s high jump 190cm by German Rosemarie Ackermann, Olympic winner and the first woman to break 2m.


16th year – 1976

Date: June 6, 1976

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 14.6°C, max. wind 7,0 m/s

Visitors: 16,500 (record)

The Cuban Albert Juantorena enchanted the stadium, the Olympic winner and the world record holder managed to win the 400 m ( 44.70) as well as 800m (1:47.60) in only 95 minutes, from the other results – the best result by the Soviet shot putter, the Olympic champion Svetlana Krachevskaya (20.97m).


17th year – 1977

Date: June 8, 1977

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 20.3°C, max. gusty wind 9.0 m/s

The event was an exhibition of the world athletic stars: women´s shot put – our world record holder Helena Fibingerová (21.96m) and German Ilona Slupianeko (20.88m), men´s shot put – Polish Olympic champion Wladyslaw Komar (20.14m), pole vault dominated by the Polish Olympic champion Tadeusz Slusarski 550cm, Cuban Albert Juantorena defended his victory at 800m (1:45.76), men´s high jump victory for the Olympic champion and world record holder Jacek Wszola of Poland (221cm), women´s 1.500m victory for the world marathon champion and Olympic medallist of Norway Grete Waitze (4:06.60).


18th year – 1978

Date: June 6–7, 1978

Name: Golden Spike of Europe (again, visit by Adrian Paulen, now in the role of the president of the IAAF, also the EAA President Artur Gold was present)

Weather: 6. 6. 18.3°C, max. head wind 6,0 m/s, rain showers,
thunderstorm / 7. 6. 20.5°C, max. wind 13,0 m/s

The visitors saw the junior European record at 800m by Michael Busse of NDR (1:45.5), very good results also by the other competitors: silver Olympic discus thrower of Germany Wolfgang Schmidt (66.24m), world record holder and Olympic champion in discus throw  from Soviet Union Faina Melnikova (68.72m) and Evelin Jahl of Cuba (65.28), in men´s long jump Brazilian Joao de Oliveira (8.13m) and javelin throw by German Detlef Michel (81.56m).


 19th year – 1979

Date: June 5–6, 1979

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 5. 6. 22.5°C, max. wind 11,0 m/s / 6. 6. 20,8°C, max. gusty wind 21.0 m/s, thunder storm

Marita Koch of NDR was the main star – the Olympic winner and the world record holder ran in Ostrava the 100m in 11.58, 200m in 22.25. Exciting battle in men´s high jump by the world record holder Vladimir Yashchenko of Soviet Union and German Rolf Beilschmidt, in women´s discus throw the Soviet star Faina Melnikova (67.24m).


20th year – 1980

Date: June 3–4, 1980

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 3. 6. 11.0°C, max. wind 10,0 m/s, rain / 4. 6. 13.5°C, max. gusty wind 14,0 m/s, rain thunder storm

There were five Olympic winners from Moscow present: the 5.000m by Ethiopian Miruts Jifter and Polish Bronislav Malinowski, javelin throw won by the Soviet Dainis Kula (89.60m) and Cuban Caridad Colón (66.80 m), the 400m Hurdles won by German Bärbel Broschat (55.53).


21st year – 1981

Date: June 3, 1981

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 24.1°C, max. wind 11,0 m/s

Women performances decorated the event; the biggest star was the Olympic winner, world champion and the world record holder Jarmila Kratochvílová, who won the 200m (22.07), the 100m dominated by the German Olympic winner Bärbel Wöckel, and the double Olympic champion from 1976 and 1980 Taťána Kazankina of Soviet Union won the 1.500 m (4:08.95).


22nd year – 1982

Date: June 2, 1982

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 23.4°C, max. wind 7,0 m/s

Tradition of the quality throwing events confirmed especially by the German shot putters: the Olympic champion and world record holder Udo Bayer managed to throw over 21m (21.07), and bronze from Olympic Games Margita Pufe won with 20.77. Very good sprint at 100m – by Jarmila Kratochvílová (11.16). Romanian Olympic winner in long jump Anisoara Cusimir won the event.


23rd year – 1983

Date: June 1, 1983

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 20.2°C, max. wind 8,0 m/s

Taťána Kocembová pleased the home crowd, the silver medal holder from the world championships at 400m managed to win her favourite event 400m clocking 49.67, exciting discus battle won by the Olympic and world medal holder Cuban Luis Delis (68.06m), he manahed to beat the home star Gejza Valenta, bronze from the world championships (65.22).

24th year – 1984

Date: May 22–23, 1984

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 22. 5. 14.1°C, max. wind 14,0 m/s, rain / 23. 5. 12.8°C
max. wind 12,0 m/s, rain

The legend of the legends, Soviet athlete Sergey Bubka unsuccessfully attacked to break the world record in pole vault. The 5.000m won by Spanish Olympic medal holder José Manuel Abascal (13:39.27), in men´s shot put the Polish Edward Sarula (20.52m), for the first time in Ostrava the Soviet high jump world champion Tamara Bykova (191cm)


25th year – 1985

Date: June 12, 1985

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 13.4°C, max. wind 15.0 m/s, rain

Ostrava competition was not included within the category of the major IAAF events. Golden Spike plays second fiddle, athletic stars prefer different events. But still, some good results achieved:  the world record holder with the old javelin type Uwe Hon of Germany achieved 95.52m, the home star Imrich Bugár threw 67.10m in men´s discus, and Jarmila Kratochvílová ran 400m in 50.96.


26th year – 1986

Date: June 11, 1986

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 19.8°C, max. wind 8.0 m/s, rain

The event seems more and more like the Czechoslovak local meeting, even thought, the Vítkovice surface  witnessed the top world results : our competitor Milena Strnadová ran 800m  low below 2 mins (1:57.92), the long jumper Zdeněk (?) Hanáček broke the 8m barrier   (8.04).


27th year – 1987

Date: June 10, 1987

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 15.0°C, max. wind 12,0 m/s, foggy

Golden Spike had a short flashing of good times this year because the Ostrava crowds had the chance to watch the elite of the Cuban athletic team: the high jump world record holder, double world champion and the Olympic champion Javier Sotomayor (228 cm), silver Olympic medallist and double world champion Anna Fidelia Quirot (800m in 2:00.10), silver world high jumper among women Silvia Costa (193cm), Olympic champion in women´s discus Marita Marten (however she was defeated in Vítkovice by home Zdena Šilhavá – 69.52), the world leading mark by home shot put star Remigius Machura (21.64).


28th year – 1988

Date: June 7, 1988

Name: Golden Spike of Europe

Weather: 16.6°C, max. wind 5,0 m/s, rain, fog

In men´s 1.500 m, Ostrava saw the future Olympic champion and the triple world champion, the world record holder Nouredine Morcelli of Algeria, the main star was the Soviet athlete Olga Bryzgina.


29th year – 1989

Date: July 29, 1989

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 16.6°C, max. wind 7,0 m/s

Great result by the home long jumper Milan Gombala (8.08m), the new Czechoslovak record at 110m Hurdles by Jiří Hudec (13.48).


30th year – 1990

Date: June 7, 1990

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 16.7°C, max. wind 3,0 m/s, rain

The meeting was not too successful in the new circumstances. The main task was to keep the tradition of the race. The year was the most inportnant to keep the tradition of the Spike (under the new name) and to organise it at least in limited conditions.


31st year – 1991

Date: Aug. 2–3, 1991

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 2. 8. 18.2°C, max. gusty wind 18,0 m/s, rain / 3. 8. 19.0°C max. wind 17,0 m/s, rain

The athletic competition was saved before its complete decline by the athletic meeting of the five countries of men and women from Czechoslovakia. Hungary, Greece, Portugal and Scotland – the home competitors won the event but the world class results were not achieved. 


32nd year – 1992

Date: June 24, 1992

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 16.7°C, max. wind 17.0 m/s, rain

Golden Spike revived for a while. It was decorated by the Olympic champions: the home decathlete Robert Změlík – he achieved 8 metres in long jump, and Jan Železný, who managed to break the Czechoslovak record in men´s javelin throw with 90.06m, among women, the Russian Yekaterina Podkopayeva celebrated the victory clocking 4:10.99 at 1500m.


33rd year – 1993

Date: June 15, 1993

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 12.7°C, max. wind 7,0 m/s, rain

This yaer of the Golden Spike did not make the history of the event with big results despite the fact that Robert Změlík of Vítkovice managed to win the men´s 110m hurdles (13.89).


34th year – 1994

Date: June 30, 1994

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 20.8°C, max. wind 13,0 m/s

Golden Spike was on the verge of survival and some athletes came to Ostrava mostly to fulfil the necessary limits for the major athletic events.


35th year – 1995

Date: June 1, 1995

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 19.3°C, max. wind 12,0 m/s, rain, thunder storm

The Spike regains its fame again: the 100m was decorated by the presence of the triple world champion and the world record holder Maurice Greene of the USA (10.28). The 110m hudrles won by the double Olympic champion and the world record holder Roger Kingdom of the USA (13.39), the triple jump victory for the Russian Anna Biryukova (14.41m).


36th year – 1996

Date: May 31, 1996

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 19.4°C, max. wind 8.1 m/s

Both shortest sprints had a very good field again (100m). Among men, the third recent world record holder Tim Montgomery of the USA won the competition, among women, the multiple world and Olympic medallist Marlene Ottey of Jamaica won (11.18). The furthest throw on the Czech soil by Jan Železný (94.64). The meeting was opened by the Czech Prime Minister V. Klaus.


37th year – 1997

Date: May 28, 1997

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 8.3°C, max. wind 12,0 m/s, rain

Golden Spike back among the major athletic events – at men´s 110m hurdles, the meeting record 13.25 by the Cuban Anier Garcia. Men´s javelin throw again for the Czech Jan Železný with 92.42. The next peak of the meeting was the start of the Olympic champion and the four time world champion from Cuba Ivan Pedroso (8.14). The native of Ostrava Daniela Bártová broke the European record in women´s pole vault with 429cm. Iveta Rudová the managed the national record at 100m hurdles with 13.10. The best athlete of the century was announced during the event – it was the running legend Emil Zátopek. Altogether, three meeting records.


38th year – 1998

Date:  June 11, 1998

Name: Golden Spike Vítkovice

Weather: 16.2°C, max. wind 5,3 m/s, rain

Great results in long jump sector dominated the Golden Spike this year: in triple jump, the home competitor, who was also the world and Olympic medal holder Šárka Kašpárková achieved 14.92m (meeting record), and in men´s long jump again Cuban Ivan Pedroso with 8.35m meeting record, great opponents in the men´s 400m hurdles for the home star Jiří Mužík (49.02 – meeting record), when he also managed to beat the world champion of Zambia  Samuel Matete (the meeting was included into the celebrations of the 170th anniversary of the establishment of the Vítkovice, a.s.).


39th year - 2000

Date: June 1, 2000

Name:  Golden Spike Tipsport

Weather: 13.0°C, max. wind 5.7 m/s

Visitors: 6,000

For the first time in its history, in 1999, the competition was not organised and its renewal was successful thanks to the big effort of the organisers, who managed to attract the big Czech athletic names to Ostrava Vítkovice. (The stars of the event were Ludmila Formanová, Šárka Kašpárková, Helena Fuchsová, Daniela Bártová, Jiří Mužík, Zuzana Hlavoňová). Great performance by Zuzana Hlavoňová in high jump with 197cm, at 3000m steeplechase by Austrian Günther Weidlinger in new meeting record 8:11.51.

Number of events: 13


40th year – 2001

Date:  May 31, 2001

Name: Golden Spike Agrofert

Weather: 14.7°C, max. wind 11,0 m/s, rain shower

Visitors: almost 15,000

Golden Spike gets back to its full glory. The patrons of the meeting were Jan Železný, Sergey Bubka and the manager Andrej Kulikowski. The stars of the meeting were Železný, Roman Šebrle, Tomáš Dvořák, Pavla Hamáčková, Colin Jackson, Steve Beckley, Wilson Kipketer, Donovan Bailey. Only due to the illness of the family member Michael Jackson did not attend the meeting (he had to quickly move back home). Great battle in the women´s pole vault by Tatyana Grigoryeva of Australiaa and the winning Ukrainian  Angela Balachon (442cm), Jan Železný with no mistakes in javelin throw (89.47m), but there were also great results on the track: in 3.000m steeplechase with the great time (8:09.01) the world champion and the world record holder Wilson Boit Kipketer of Kenya,  and the 100m with the Olympic champion, the world champion and world record holder  Donovan Bailey of Canada, the meeting record at 400m hurdles by Jamaican Ian Weakley with 48.99.

Number of events: 13



41st year – 2002

Date: June 12, 2002

Name: Golden Spike Agrofert

Weather: 17.8°C, max. wind 7,2 m/s

Visitors: more than 20,000

Meeting ambassadors were Jan Železný and Sergey Bubka, the meeting was attended by the special guest – American sprinter Marion Jones. The event with the highest level was the women´s 3000m steeplechase with the world record 9:21.72 by Alesia Turava from Belarus. The biggest applause for the American Marion Jones after the victory at the 200m (23.22). Also the next major stars of the world athletics presented: Wilson Boit Kipketer of Kenya at the men´s 3000m steeplechase (8:06.14), in women´s 800m the Olympic champion and the triple world champion Maria Mutola of Mozambique (1:58.50), in women´s high jump the Russian Marina Kupcova, silver from the world championships (198cm), silver Olympic and world medallist at 100m hurdles from Spain Glory Alozien (12.78), Latvian Stanislavs Olijars at men´s 110 m hurdles (13.44), when he also managed to defeat the Olympic champion the American Allen Johnson and Colin Jackson of Great Britain. The trophies distributed by Jaromír Jágr and Václav Klaus.

Number of events: 16


42nd year – 2003

Date: June 12, 2003

Name:  Golden Spike Super Grand Prix

Weather: 23.8°C, max. wind 4.9 m/s

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

For the first time, the meeting was included within the Super Grand Prix category (under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic V. Klaus), (according to the IAAF, it was the sixth best meeting in the world in 2003) and this attracted the biggest athletic stars of the time to Ostrava: the main star was the four time world champion and the world record holder Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco, who tried the 5000m race as the Emil Zátopek memorial. He attacked the world record time in the splits but the victory went to Stephen Cherono of Kenya in the end (12:48.81). Next winners were: Mark Lewis – Francis of Great Britain at 100m in 10.07, Kenyan Wilfred Bungei at men´s 800m 1:43.24, Felix Sanchez of Dominican Republic at 400m hurdles (48.10), Swedish Kajsa Bergquist, the multiple medal holder from the Olympics and world championships in high jump (201), triple jump women by Yamile Aldama of Cuba, silver from the world championships (15.00m). In women´s pole vault, the Olympic winner and double world champion, the WR holder Stacy Dragila of the USA (458). Two European, nine national records were broken and the legendary runner Emil Zátopek statue was unveiled in the eve of the meeting by Dana Zátopková and H. El Guerrouj.

Events: 18


43rd year – 2004

Date:  June 8, 2004

Name: Golden Spike (XXXXIII year of the international athletic meeting of the series  IAAF SUPER GRAND PRIX)

Weather: 19.1°C, max. wind 8.2 m/s, rain whower

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

According to the IAAF evaluation, it was the ninth best meeting in the world in 2004. The meeting stars were Kenenisa Bekele, Stacy Dragila, Jan Železný, Justin Gatlin, Marion Jones, Hestrie Cloete, Maria Mutola, Kelly Holmes. The most important athletic meeting in the Czech republic was decorated by the performance of Ethiopian kenenisa Bekele, who managed to break the 10.000m world record clocking 26:20.32. The world leading mark by American Stacy Dragila (483), the meeting record at 800m women by Maria Mutola of Mozambique (1:57.72). American star Marion Jones competed in long jump and also Jan Železný competed in javelin throw.

Počet disciplín: 16


44th year – 2005

Date: June 9, 2005

Name: Golden Spike IAAF Super Grand Prix

Weather: 11.2°C, max. wind 8.5 m/s, rain

Number of visitors: 15,000 

Stars of the event – Jan Železný, Roman Šebrle, Jaroslav Bába, Asafa Powell, Jeremy Wariner, Věra Pospíšilová – Cechlová, Brigite Foster – great cast of the meeting – meeting records : Jamaican Asafa Powell managed 100m in 9.85 (9th fastest time in the history and the “world record in rain”), among women at 100m, Ivett Lalová of Bulgaria achieved 11.03, 1.000m victory for the Lithuanian Irina Krakoviak (2:40.48) – world leading time), the women´s 5.000 victory for the Ethiopian Berhane Adere (15:01.78), world leading marks: Russian Sergey Makarov in men´s javelin throw managed 88.84m (best mark since 4 July 2003), Asafa Powell – fastest 100m on the Czech soil, home competitor Jiří Mužík won the men´s 400m hurdles (48.93), Czech athlete Věra Cechlová – Pospíšilová won the discus throw 65.98m and the decathlete Roman Šebrle won the triathlon.

Number of events: 19 + 3 (men´s triathlon)


45th year – 2006

Date: May 29, 2006 (May 28, 2006 men´s and women´s hammer throw competition)

Name: Golden Spike IAAF Super Grand Prix

Weather: 9.6°C, max. wind 8.7 m/s, rain

Number of visitors: 10,352

Stars of the meeting: Jan Železný, Sergey Makarov, Bernard Williams, Ivan Tikhon, Koji Murofushi, Tariku Bekele, Terrence Trammel, Yipsi Moreno, Melissa Barber, Blanka Vlašič, Věra Pospíšilová – Cechlová, Natálie Sadova, the program of the meeting included also the men´s and women´s hammer throw competition for the first time – Cuban Yipsi Moreno won among the women (74.69m) and the men´s category title went to Koji Murofushi of Japan (79.82m), the highest quality race was the men´s 110m hurdles won by American Terrence Trammell (13.19), very high level of the men´s javelin throw with the victory of Russian Sergey Makarov (88.49m), at 3.000m victory for Tariku Bekele of Ethiopia (7:36.44) and the women´s high jump victory for Croatian Blanka Vlašič (200cm).

Number of events: 18


46th year – 2007

Date: June 27, 2007 (June 26, 2007 men´s and women´s hammer throw competition)

Name: Golden Spike IAAF Super Grand Prix

Weather: 16.2°C, max. wind 12.5 m/s, rain

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

President of the Czech Republic V. Klaus was present during the meeting as well as the Prime Minister M. Topolánek, the women´s hammer throw competition victore went to Russian Tatyana Lysenko (77.71m), and Belarus Ivan Tikhon (80.19m) – meeting record among men, the Ethiopian runner Haile Gebreselassie was the king of the event as he managed to break two world records – the unusual 20km race and one hour run. He clocked 56:25:98 at 20.000m, and he managed to run 21.285m in one hour. Moreover, he achieved the best time in the history at 10 miles 45:23.80. The men´s shot put saw American Reese Hoffa improving the meeting record with 21.77m. The meeting record also for the Ethiopian Meseret Defar at 5000m (14:30.18). Also the other events had great level: the women´s pole vault with Yelena Isinbayeva (466cm), winning only by attempts ahead of the home jumper Kateřina Baďurová, who managed to break the Czech record at the same height.

Number of events: 21 


47th year – 2008

Date: June 12, 2008 (June 11, 2008 men´s and women´s hammer throw competition)

Name: Golden Spike ( XXXXVII. Year of the international athletic meeting of the series IAAF WORLD ATHLETICS TOUR)

Weather: 14.3°C, max. wind 6.5 m/s

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

Great results of the day were topped by the two world records: the first by the Cuban Dayron Robles at 110m hurdles (12.87) and one hour race by Ethiopian Dire Tune 18.517m, what was also the best world achievement at 15.000m (48:54.91), then seven meeting records: in men´s hammer throw by Slovenian Primož Kozmus 80.27m, Cuban Yipsi Moreno with 76.16m among women. The men´s pole vault Russian Yevgeny Lukyanenko 577cm, Croatian high jump queen Blanka Vlašič with 205 cm, German javelin throw star of Germany Christine Obergföll 67.72m, and the 10.000m  women´s race victory for Ethipian Tirunesh  Dibaba 31:03.37. The 200m victory for Jamaican Usain Bolt 19.83. Then five world leading marks were set, two Czech records – in 1 hour race women for Ivana Sekyrová 16.422m and the women´s 400m hurdles by Zuzana Hejnová 54.96.

Number of events: 26


48th year – 2009

Date: June 17, 2009 (June 16, 2009 men´s and women´s hammer throw competition /women´s hammer throw GP – Skolimowska Trophy, men´s hammer GP/) 

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2009 (XXXXVIII year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD ATHLETICS TOUR)

Weather: 16.0°C max. wind 6.1 m/s

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

Four meeting records broken: women´s hammer throw by Polish Anita Wlodarczyk (76.59m), men´s hammer throw by Krisztián Pars of Hungary (80.71m), women´s 20.000m Dire Tune of Ethiopia 1:05:35.3 and at 1 mile by Kenyan Haron Keitany 3:49.57, next high quality results: women´s high jump Blanka Vlašič of Croatia (200cm), women´s 5.000m by Meselech Melkamu of Ethiopia 14:34.17 (world leading mark), the 110m hurdles men by Cuban Dayron Robles 13.04 (world leading mark), men´s 200m (Jan Slanina Memorial) by Paul Hession of Ireland in 20.44, men´s long jump by Godfrey Mokoena of South Africa 8.33m, the 400m hurdles Bershawn Jackson of the USA (48.32) – the world leading mark and especially the men´s 100m with Jamaican star Usain Bolt (9.77) – unfortunately, with wind support.

Number of events: 25


49th year – 2010

Date: May 27, 2010 (May 26, 2010 the IAAF Men´s and Women´s Hammer Throw Challenge/women´s hammer throw GP – Skolimowska Trophy/

Name: Ostrava Golden Spike 2010 (XXXXIX Year of the international athletic meeting within the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 10.9°C, max. wind 6.4 m/s, rain

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

Three meeting records within plenty of great battles: men´s 3000m byYusuf  BIWOTT of Kenya 7:31.68 /Emil Zátopek Memorial/, men´s 100m by Asafa POWELL of Jamaica 9.83 and men´s 300m by Usain BOLT of Jamaica in 30.97. Besides, the competitors achieved many significant results: Polish Anita Wlodarczyk (75.74m) and Hungarian Krizstián Pars (79.15m) in hammer throw, men´s 110m hurdles by Cuban Dayron Robles (13.12), men´s 400m hurdles by American Kerron Clement 48.69, men´s 800m by Kenyan David Rudisha 1:44.03, and the victory in front of the home crowds for the Czech athlete Denisa Rosolová, when she won the 400m (50.85).

Number of events: 25 


50th year – 2011

Date: May 31, 2011 (May 30, 2011 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women - Kamila Skolimowska Trophy)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2011 (L. year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 27°C, sunny, partly sunny, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

Six meeting records. In the women´s hammer throw competition, German Betty Heidler created new meeting record with 77.22m. The next records came on the track – Australian Jeff Riseley, who ran the 1000m in 2:16.75, Kenyan Paul Kipsiele Koech managed the meeting record at 3000m steeplechase with 8:02.55, South African L.J. van Zyl at men´s 400m hurdles won in 47.66, and the Jamaican Veronica Cambell-Brown at 100m with 10.76. The fast Jamaican managed to improve the record also at 100 yeards in the same run with 9.91. The crowds also witnessed the next interesting results. The high jumpers Ivan Ukhov and Raul Spank had a tie at 232cm, Cuban Dayron Robles won in 13.14 at hurdles. German athlete De Zordo crowned the javelin throw competition with the last attempt 85.78m. And then, there was Usain Bolt again. He won the 100m with 9.91. he was not satisfied but the crowds were definitely glad.

Number of events: 25


51st year – 2012

Date: May 25, 2012 (May 24, 2012 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women category – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2012 (LI year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 20°C, sunny, partly sunny, wind 3 m/s

Number of visitors: 22,000 – sold out

Again, many records were broken. On the eve of Golden Spike, the hammer throwers showed excellent shape. Firstly, Hungarian Krisztián Pars threw 82.28m, and then, the next meeting record by German Betty Heidler – 78.07m. The crowds were pleased by the performance of the French pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie who set the new Ostrava meeting record with 590cm. The Golden Spike records were broken also in both relays at 4x100m. Among men, the All-stars team, and in women´s competition the Polish relay. The Czech fans were pleased with the victory of the home javelin queen Barbora Špotáková with 67.78m also in new meeting record. Vítězslav Veselý had a great victory among men with 85.67m. And there were big results also in next events. The 200m expected victory for Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica in 22.38 solid time, the 800m women with 1:58.49 for the Kenyan Olympic champion Pamela Jelimo. The 400m had Lashawn Merrit of the USA winning in 45.13. Usain Bolt was a bit disappointed with the 100m victory in “only” 10.04s against head-wind.

Number of events: 18


52nd year – 2013

Date: June 27, 2013 (June 26, 2013 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women category – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy and also the men´s discus throw)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2013 (LII year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 17°C, cloudy, partly cloudy, wind 4 m/s

Number of visitors: 12,000 – sold out, stadium under construction (limited number of seats)

The 52nd year was filled with records more than the one before. Also the Czech star Zuzana Hejnová had her place among the record holders. She ruled the 400m hurdles competition with the great time 53.32. The next meeting record at 400m for Kirani James of Grenada with 44.49s. The third change in the historical tables thanks to Kenyan Milcah Chemos with 9:17.92 at 3000m steeplechase women. In women´s 10.000m, Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia with 30:26.67. The last one for the French pole vault star Renaud Lavillenie, who managed to push his own meeting record up to 592cm. Valerie Adams of New Zealand showed great performance in women´s shot put thanks to 20.88m and defeated the rest of the field. There was a curious situation in the men´s 100m – due to the late reaction of the starter, the athletes ran the full 100m and the race had to be reran. The winner of the race, Jamaican Asafa Powell had two times in his collection – the first unofficial 9.97, and then the official one 10.07. He felt completely exhausted after the second run. The 52nd Golden Spike Ostrava placed on the top of the list of the IAAF World Challenge meetings in 2013.

Number of events: 18


53rd year – 2014

Date: June 17, 2014 (June 16, 2014 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women category – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy and also the men´s discus throw)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2014 (LIII year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 23°C, partly cloudy, cloudy, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 15.000 – sold out, stadium after reconstruction (new max. capacity 15.000 of seated fans)

The number of meeting record used to be around five in the last meetings. And it was very similar also this time. Genzebe Dibaba created new African record and also the Golden Spike maximum at 2000m with 5:27.50. The men´s 1000m saw the Turk Ilham Tanui Özbilen winning in 2:15.08, the 3000m track had the new historical record thanks to Caleb Ndiku of Kenya. He won with 7:31.66. Record added also thanks to the US 400m runner Lashawn Merrit clocking 44.16 and the Ukrainian high jumper Bogdan Bondarenko with 233cm.

The fans on the newly reconstructed stadium had the chance to support also the Czech elite athletes. The javelin thrower Vítězslav Veselý won with 87.38m. But the foreign stars played the main role in the event. American Justin Gatlin was an adequate replacement for Usain Bolt, when he crossed the line clocking 9.86s. Polish shot putter Tomasz Majewski won with 20.90m and there was an interesting battle of the phenomenal American decathlete Ashton Eaton, who tried the 400m hurdles finishing third in 48.94s.

Number of events: 18


54th year – 2015

Date: June 26, 2015 (June 25, 2015 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women category – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2015 (LIV year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 23°C, cloudy and partly cloudy, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 15.000 – sold out

The book of the meeting records had a new addition of the Czech name. Anežka Drahotová created the new maximum at 3000m race walk with 11:52.30. And she was not alone. The meeting records were improved also thanks to American Sharika Nelvis at 100 m hurdles 12.55, the Pole Adam Kszczot at non-traditional 600m with 1:16.02 and, in triple jump, the result 17.52m by American Christian Taylor.

In spite of the rainy weather, the crowds were rewarding the athletes for the big efforts. The Jamaican Usain Bolt won the 200m in 20.13s, the shortest sprint victory went to his compatriot Asafa Powell clocking 10.05s, first place also for Zuzana Hejnová at 400m hurdles with 55.13s. The best javelin thrower was thanks to the new Kenyan record Julius Yego, who left all the opponents far behind thanks to his 86.88m.

Number of events: 19


55th year – 2016

Date: May 20, 2016 (May 19, 2016 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women category – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2016 (LV year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 20°C, cloudy and partly cloudy, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 15,000 – sold out

Already the first event of the 55th year rewrote the tables, when the hammer throw world record holder Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland sent her tool to the distance of 78.54m. Second record mark was at the 3000m by Oljira Belaynesh of Ethiopia. She won with 8:38.55.

There were more performances to remind. German javelin thrower Thomas Röhler won the competition with 87.37m, the hammer thrower Pawel Fajdek of Poland showed 80.66m. Warm and sunny weather helped Usain Bolt to run the 100m under 10 seconds that season, he ran 9.98. The top world result also for the French pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie with 583. The biggest shock for the home crowds came with the 1500m victory for the Czech Filip Sasínek who managed to improve his PB with more than five seconds to 3:36.32. He was not the only one to succeed on the home soil. Also Jiřina Ptáčníková in the women´s pole vault managed to beat the world champion of Cuba Yarisley Silva jumping over 460cm to win the competition.

Number of events: 17


56th year – 2017

Date: June 2, 2017 (June 27, 2017 the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge for men and women category – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2017 (LVI year of the international athletic meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 33°C, almost sunny, partly sunny, wind 4 m/s

Number of visitors: 15,000 – sold out

It was a very rich event when it comes to the number of new records again. Almost like every year, the tables were rewritten in the women´s hammer throw again. Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland won with 79.72m and her compatriot Pawel Fajdek took the victory in the world leading mark of the year 83.44m. Also, the American triple jumper Cristian Taylor pushed the meeting record to 17.57. The 1500m had Gudaf Tsegay of Ethiopia in the new meeting record 4:00.96. The men´s 300m saw Wayne Van Nieker creating not only the new meeting record but also the best historical result at this distance with 30.81s.

However, the 56th year had Usain Bolt on his farewell tour. The Jamaican sprinter competed nine times in Ostrava, and it always was a big experience for the crowds. Almost everybody in the stadium remembered the moments while playing the Jamaican anthem and the fireworks. In his last race in Ostrava, Bolt managed to run 10.06s and he won. Bolt is just the only one. The meeting also had Tomáš Staněk throwing 21.66m to lose the Spike´s shot put record only by 11cm. Then, the German javelin thrower Thomas Röhler excelled with 91.53m. Or the British distance runner Mo Farah, who was saying goodbye to his track career. He dominated the 10.000m with 27:12.09.

Number of events: 16


57th year – 2018

Date: June 13, 2018 (June 12, 2018 the women´s hammer throw competition within the meeting - Women IAAF Throw Challenge – Kamila Skolimowska Trophy, also the men´s discus throw)

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2018 (LVII year of the international athletic meeting within the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE).

Weather: 21°C, cloudy, wind 3 m/s

Visitors: 13,211

Record marks were achieved by three men in field events and one female runner. Great performance in cold weather for the Cuban long jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría, who jumped 866cm. The New Zealand’s shot put star Tom Walsh lightened the event with 22.16m. The meeting record for the third time thanks to the Qatari high jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim getting over 238cm. The new MR on the track thanks to the Kenyan 3000m steeplechase runner Norah Jeruto clocking 9:11.33.

The meeting had two athletic celebrities on their farewell tour. The German discus thrower Robert Harting and the hurdler Kim Collins, who got a major applause. Amon plenty of great performances, the result of Polish shot putter Michal Haratyk with 22.08 must be mentioned, the victory of Czech Jakub Vadlejch in javelin throw 88.36m, or a great PB of the home Vítkovice runner Simona Vrzalová at women´s 1500m. She showed the second fastest time of the Czech history at this distance 4:04.80.

Number of events: 16


58th year – 2019

Date: June 20, 2019

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2019 (LVIII year of the international meeting of the IAAF WORLD CHALLENGE, IAAF HAMMER THROW CHALLENGE)

Weather: 25°C, cloudy and partly cloudy, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 11,000

The meeting record in the women´s high jump 206 cm by the Russian jumper Maria Lasickiene. The history was made thanks to the best run over women´s 300m 34.41 by Shaunae Miller-Uibo. The javelin of Magnus Kirt flew far away to 90.34m and became the second best result of 2019. Altogether, there were four future world champions from Doha competing at Ostrava meeting (Christian Coleman, Steven Gardiner, Sam Kendricks, and Maria Lasickiene) as well as the relay member and 100m winner Mike Rodgers. From the Czech stars, it was the javelin thrower Jakub Vadlejch who ended up third (82.97m), as well as the shot putter Tomáš Staněk (21.06m).

Number of events: 14


59th year – 2020

Date: Sept. 8, 2020

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2020 (World Athletics Continental Tour Gold)

Weather: 21°C, cloudy

Number of visitors: 5,000 (Covid restriction)

Number of events: 16


60th year – 2021

Date: May 19, 2021

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2021 (Continental Tour Gold)

Weather: 17°C, partly cloudy, wind 6 m/s

Number of visitors: 1,500 (Covid restriction)

Number of events: 20


61st year – 2022

Date: May 31, 2022

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2022 (Continental Tour Gold)

Weather: 23°C, partly cloudy, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 7,930

Number of events: 19


62nd year – 2023

Date: June 27, 2023

Name: Golden Spike Ostrava 2023 (Continental Tour Gold)

Weather: cloudly, 22°C, wind 2 m/s

Number of visitors: 9,500

Number of events: 22


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