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Javelin champion Kitaguchi cheered for the hockey players. Vadlejch wants to challenge Weber

27. 05. 2024 | 15:55

Jakub Vadlejch is focusing everything on Paris, but he didn't want to miss Rome. The Golden Spike is a milestone on the way to the peak competitions in the summer. For Vadlejch, it will be his 14th start at the Golden Spike. In contrast, for the Japanese world champion Haruka Kitaguchi, it will be her fourth performance in front of the Ostrava audience. Jan Železný came with a wish for all the javelin throwers.


Haruka Kitaguchi

On the season so far and on what is ahead:

At the beginning of the season I did not feel too good, my body felt stiff, but it is getting better now with every competition.

I want to throw farther than 63 metres tomorrow, because that is how far I threw last time. I want to get better with every competition, and then be at my very best in Paris.

On competing in Ostrava:

This is my third time competing in Ostrava, so I know the stadium. I like competing in big stadiums, with big crowds, so I will enjoy it tomorrow.

I spend half of the year in the Czech Republic, so I hope Czech people are fond of me, too. I hope to have fans who will support me here.

On ice hockey fans:

I watched the final of the ice hockey world championships yesterday and screamed at the TV. I do not usually follow hockey, but because it was taking place here, I really enjoyed it.

On the World Championships coming to her home country next year:

We had a record number of fans at the Continental Tour Gold meeting in Tokyo last week. I hope many fans will come to the stadium at the World Championships next year to support me also. I hope I can do the same as the Czech hockey team and win on home soil, but the energy of the Czech and Japanese people is a bit different.


Jakub Vadlejch on the competition schedule in the Olympic year:

I watched the World Championships in Budapest, where I competed – it was probably my tenth competition. It wasn’t that my body was giving up, but my enthusiasm was waning and motivation was more difficult. Therefore, we have now planned a maximum of five competitions before the Olympics so that my form peaks in Paris and I can fight for the top positions.

On the Ice Hockey World Championships:

Once again, it showed that sport unites the Czech Republic, and what we could see was a fairy-tale victory. We completely demolished Sweden, and it was in our hands. Even though we made it tense, we showed our strength at the end, and it was wonderful.

 On being undefeated since the World Championships in Budapest and his relationship with Weber:

He must love me for that since Munich. I say this humorously; we are very good friends. We know that we are great javelin throwers, and when we have our top day, we can both throw very far. Julian showed that he is in the form of his life this year, and maybe I have shown that too. We threw centimeters apart, so our form is quite similar, and we have something to look forward to tomorrow. I am proud that I have reached this level and that I have won 4 Diamond Leagues in a row. I am especially proud of that.

On the European Championships in Rome – on the way to Paris:

I believe that I am already in shape, and the Golden Spike will be the last test before the European Championships. The qualification and final are about three hours apart, so it will be almost like arriving at a meeting – I will try for the best qualification possible. I have trained a lot – like for two people. Everything is directed towards Paris, but it would be a great shame if I didn’t compete at the European Championships, and I believe that I will fight for medals with the guys.

On the atmosphere among the javelin throwers:

All the javelin throwers have already shown their cards except for the Pakistani javelin thrower, and so far, no tension has been felt. Doha had a relaxed atmosphere, mostly with great conditions except for the wind. Everyone will try to throw as far as possible. In reality, there is no animosity; when I see that someone threw farther, they were simply better, and I wish them well.

Having competed at the Golden Spike 13 times and winning twice:

It shows that I am quite old, but twenty is also a nice number, and maybe I will reach it someday. The Golden Spike is one of the nicest meetings, and even the best athletes like to return to Ostrava. I don’t know why, but it has always been historically so, and I will always be happy to return. I am still waiting for that big number, but I don’t want to predict anything and would rather surprise even myself.

Finally, Jan Železný’s advice to all javelin throwers:

I wish them to throw as far as they can. They are champions and have what it takes to throw far. The Olympics is a unique event, and someone can prepare for it only once in their life. Both have what it takes to win. I wish them to have their day and to show what they are capable of. I would also like to see 90 m and 66 m tomorrow in Ostrava.


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