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Armand Duplantis: I would love to take a shot at 6.25 in Ostrava

27. 05. 2024 | 16:34

The major start of the 59th Ostrava Golden Spike meeting Armand “Mondo” Duplantis will perform here for the third time. After his new world record and two competitions in China, he would love to take a shot at 6.25 on Tuesday evening.


On starting the outdoor season with a world record:

I started the outdoor season with 6.24, so of course things have been going well. Indoors I achieved the main goal, which was winning the World Championships, but my competitions were a bit sloppy, not everything was quite there. That is why I had a lot of fire and motivation going into the outdoor season. It is the Olympic season, so you are always motivated, but I also wanted to prove something to myself. Things are really coming together right now, so I will try to move forward in that direction.

On the upcoming European Championships and Olympic Games:

I take things one competition at a time. The Olympics are always at the back of your mind, but I live in the present moment. It is hard for me to think past tomorrow and tomorrow I want to give the most out of myself and jump as high as I possibly can. The Euros come before the Olympics, so they are actually more on my mind right now. But I just do not get too far ahead of myself.

On the world ice hockey championships:

I watched a bit of the world championships ice hockey tournament. I hoped to catch one of the games live in Ostrava, but they moved out of here before I arrived. I pulled for the Czech team yesterday, as I thought there would be more cool energy in the country when I compete here tomorrow. A home victory is always nice to see.

On his training performances:

I jump high in training, but not higher than I do in competition. I do not jump much over a bungee, the event is about going over a crossbar, so I think it is better to have a real bar up there. It is a very important skill to be able to clear it.

I do not break world records in training. I do not have the same speed, adrenaline as I do in competition.

On how the pole vault could be improved:

The pole vault is a very beautiful event as it is. Even the people who do not understand it can appreciate the excitement and the beautiful motion that we do. You do not need to change much. Maybe fewer people in competition, that would speed up the event. Being more efficient in putting up the bar and other stuff in between jumps, that could also speed things up.

On being told his world record clearance was worth 6.29:

I knew it was a good jump and I had a margin. But I never think about these things, I just try to get over the bar. If the figure is accurate, it is a confidence booster. It shows there is more in the tank.


On the possibility of racing Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce over 100 metres:

I am still ready to do it. I have been wanting to run the 100m since 2018, when I ran it in high school. I hope I can do it sooner rather than later. It would not be until after the Olympics, but I would not like to do it too late to still be in shape.

On the plan for tomorrow's competition:

If I secure the victory, I feel good and the conditions are good, I will try to jump as high as I possibly can. I would love to take a shot at 6.25. It is all about how I feel. I do not preplan the progression, I will just go with the flow.


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